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In passing curiosity, I'm wondering why Gerd happened to call the dvb frequency scanner app "alexplore" ? In particular, I'm curious about the "ale" prefix. I note the similarity of that as to the case of the name for the teletext app AleVT. In the latter case, I speculate that the AleVT name is simply derived from alternating line videotext ... (and where alternating line comes in like as in PAL) ... Perhaps the VT is, instead, short for Virtual Terminal. I don't know, Anyway, I haven't seen any description from Edgar, buy I'd suspect that the "ale" prefix is an allusion to what I've described, as it makes for a logical description given the context. But I don't follow a link in the case of a dvb fq scanner -- why "ale" (or, perhaps its meant to just be "al" "explore") ... what is the ale/al allusion? Must be missing something, but I can't think of it. --CityK 04:43, 11 October 2011 (CEST)