UVC compliant capture devices

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Although the uvcvideo kernel driver module mainly aims to support webcams, it can handle other types of USB devices that are based on this standard which are also considered V4L devices. There is not a wide variety of them, but chances are that they will work well.

List of know devices

Oupree UVC2900

The OPR-HD879 is a UVC video capture card. It has a maximum resolution of 640x480 and supports Android. It uses a MP662 chip to encode its MJPG video stream and it also has a EM639165TS chip. When connected, the blue LED that can be seen from the opening on its side will turn on. In the dmesg output, it will say that the manufacturer is MagicPixel, that the serial number is UVC2900 and that the id is 0851:1544.


The FEBON100 is a UVC device manufactured by Sunriase Co., Ltd in Taiwan and its USB bridge is based on the Realtek RTS5803 chip. The video processing chip is a TS2713 (protected by the Chinese patent CN202059478U) that has many features like 3D de-interlacing, 3D comb filtering and 3D noise reduction. The latency of the device averages between 0.25 and 0.35 seconds, making it is unpractical for real-time gaming, but it is advantageous for users who may want better video quality without using more CPU cycles, such has Raspberry Pi users.