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I keep getting my email rejected to

But I have a question:


NooB question - really sort of 2 questions:

I did search but may not be savvy yet...

1. Is there any support for the Cat’s Eye USB 3560 device? Upcoming?

Seems like a nifty device to hack some how. See Can't find out - does it have onboard hardware to do decoding?

But price and availability are good here in Chicagoland. It is $50 at MicroCenter and comes with a SnapStream Firefly remote and receiver (which I think I found the codes for support? - ) But it says for Fedora.

No support (see; though, given you created the product page, I think you might have found this link after you posted here first). As for future support - would depend upon what components it uses -- someone needs to open one up and find out first.

Its a software decoding device

2. Will the Fedora codes for the SnapStream work in MythBuntu? Are there any tricks/conversions i have to do?

No idea about the remote. Try the mythtv mail list (can search for the answer first here:
Note, in future, use the mail list or #irc for support questions etc -- the wiki is (1) too low traffic and (2) we want to reserve the wiki just for information dissemination

Thanks in advance,