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Yuan PD300 Package
Yuan PD300 USBStick
Inside USBStick 1
Inside USBStick 2

I have recently bought a Yuan PD300 mini usb tv card. It looks much like a usb disk/stick and I am hoping to get it working in linux.


Note: I have recently got this to work with linux!

Here is how I did it:

I edited


and changed USB_PID_WT220U_COLD from 0x0222 to 0x0220. I then put the dvb-usb-wt220u-02.fw firmware file into my /lib/firmware/`uname -r`/ directory and everything worked fine. Thanks to jochen and David May.

Other details of card:

lsusb gives the following output:

Bus 004 Device 004: ID 14aa:0220 AVerMedia (again) or C&E

The chips inside it have the following writing:

1) EPCOS X7350P 3356 MXT5

2) MT2060 MOE360007J 0305-A3

3) I3 D AT02

4) CY7C68013a-56LFXC 0515 B 04 KOR CYP 614612

5) 1B15C

6) AIPE12

Other text on the board:


- BT B 94V-0 0522

- T0540113 (sticker)

Here's my info for my card

$ lsusb -v

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 14aa:0221 AVerMedia (again) or C&E

Device Descriptor:

 bLength                18
 bDescriptorType         1
 bcdUSB               2.00
 bDeviceClass            0 (Defined at Interface level)
 bDeviceSubClass         0 
 bDeviceProtocol         0 
 bMaxPacketSize0        64
 idVendor           0x14aa AVerMedia (again) or C&E
 idProduct          0x0221 
 bcdDevice            5.21
 iManufacturer           1 Digital TV Receiver
 iProduct                2 Digital TV Receiver
 iSerial                 0 
 bNumConfigurations      1
 Configuration Descriptor:
   bLength                 9
   bDescriptorType         2
   wTotalLength           64
   bNumInterfaces          2
   bConfigurationValue     1
   iConfiguration          0 
   bmAttributes         0x80
     (Bus Powered)
   MaxPower              450mA "

$ dmesg

dvb-usb: WideView WT-220U PenType Receiver (Typhoon/Freecom) successfully initialized and connected.

usbcore: registered new driver dvb_usb_dtt200u "

$ lsmod

dvb_usb_dtt200u 8708 0

dvb_usb 16136 1 dvb_usb_dtt200u

dvb_core 73792 1 dvb_usb

dvb_pll 10372 1 dvb_usb "