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DVB-T Device

Hauppage WinTV-Aero Model 1241 (On Box)


This device is a USB DVB-T device with a protective usb cap, telescopic aerial and push-in adaptor for external connection. There is a built-in sensor for a remote control which may differ from the manual. A well-braided 30cm usb extension lead is also included.

Mageia Desktop

Mageia may be riding high in the Distowatch linux charts, and with good reason, mostly, but none of the versions support this device at all. I even went back and installed Mageia 1 with its kernel, but this device was not supported.

Don't expect this device to work straight away any time soon with Mageia!

Basic analysis:

lsusb lists the device as ....ID 2040:5520 Hauppauge Windham (All devices 2040:55xx are called Windham for some reason)

Mageia 3 hardware detects the model as Vendor: Hauppage Computer Works Device: WinTV Aero-T Module: smsusb

dmesg may give a driver load error on Mageia , here kernel 3.8.7 using Mageia 3 Beta4 with updates (Did not work on Mageia 1 with 2.6.34+ kernel, same error as below.)

[ 11.594484] smscore_set_device_mode: error -2 loading firmware: sms1xxx-hcw-55xxx-dvbt-02.fw, trying again with default firmware

[ 11.595079] smscore_set_device_mode: error -2 loading firmware: dvb_nova_12mhz_b0.inp

[ 11.595083] smsusb_init_device: line: 382: smscore_start_device(...) failed

Locating the driver

Faulty driver (here sms1xxx-hcw-55xxx-dvbt-02.fw) needs downloading from and copying to /lib/firmware

On reconnection, the device should function. Do a scan for channels or test with other DVB application. DVB Control Centre (gnome-dvb-control) should recognise it, strangely as a device called "Siano Mobile Digital MDTV Receiver (DVB-T)"

Remote control

Remote control has very partial but useful control: Volume up and down, mute Power off - Sends Mageia 3 into suspend/stand by mode, may have different consequences (e.g. full power off) for your PC so test this.

Running xine, there is subtitle support available on the device, so does everything I need!

Thanks to mchehab at #linuxtv on freenode for the driver location and encouragement (17 April 2013).