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About Leadtek WinFast PxDVR3200 H

I dont't know if the 'Not Only TV Hybrid DVB-T PCI LV3H' have similar components, I've google'd but did not found a page with informations in a language I can understand, most are in czech.

What I would say - I'm not an expert - is that this is not the *same* card : PCIe vs PCI bus.

Maybe you could add an entry with details for this one?

This is this *exactly* one:

It identifies itself with 14f1 (Conexant) and 8852 (Device ID). It has xc3028 tuner, it is hybrid, but true it is PCI only. Unfortunately, I did exchange the card for LV3A. What to do?

I would let the reference up until it is certain?