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3Dfx Interactive was a U.S. based designer of graphics processor engines for video cards. In 1998, 3Dfx purchased graphics and TV card manufacturer STB Systems, opening the door for future retail 3Dfx TV tuner device products.


  • Founded in 1994
  • Sold many of its intellectual assets to Nvidia in 2000
  • Filed for bankruptcy in 2002


  • Voodoo3 3500 TV ... AGP Graphics and analogue TV tuner combo card (similar to the ATI All-in-Wonder or Nvidia based Personal Cinema type cards).
  • 3Dfx VoodooTV 100 PCI ... also available in OEM form as the STB TV FM PCI
  • 3Dfx VoodooTV 200 PCI ... released as the VoodooTV FM in Europe

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