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ASUS is the brand name marketed by ASUSTeK Computer Inc., a Taiwanese manufacturer of many personal computer parts and periherals products. In addition, ASUS is part of the name of several ASUSTeK subsidary divisions. Not surprisingly, the company as a whole is commonly/often referred to simply as "ASUS".

Analog Devices

Supported devices

Digital Devices

DVB Devices sold by ASUS
Device Description Supported
My Cinema-P7131 Hybrid DVB-T hybrid PCI device (with analog input and a lot of Philips) perhaps? firmware required
My Cinema-U3000 Mini DVB-T USB 2.0 device firmware required
My Cinema-U3000 Hybrid DVB-T, Analog_TV, FM radio, USB 2.0 device firmware required
See My Cinema-U3000 Mini

Unsupported devices

  • ASUS P7131 Dual ?

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