AVerMedia AVerTVHD Volar (A868R)

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AVerMedia A868R Case
AVerMedia A868R PCB

An ATSC USB 2.0 device from AVerMedia.

It is supported under Linux since kernel 2.6.27 [1]


This device supports ATSC (i.e. OTA Digital TV) only. A pig-tail (included) connects the device's mini-RF connector to standard coax cable.

Components Used


From lsusb: ID 07ca:a868 AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. Tested device was in a opaque metallic black case. AVerMedia's website shows a unit with a translucent blue case that may differ.

Making it work

Using a kernel > 2.6.27, required modules are:

  • dvb_core
  • dvb_usb
  • dvb_usb_cxusb
  • lgdt330x
  • mxl5005s

No firmware is needed, the EZUSB chip appears to load via I2C from an EEPROM. Device must be connected to a USB 2.0 port to function.

Other Notes

(As of Dec 2008) This device seems to be universally on clearance and/or significantly marked down on both auction and common retailer's sites. Perhaps discontinued?

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