AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T 771 (A771)

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I have this card working fine, under 2.6.13-rc7. I applied the dvb-kernel patches from CVS. These are the kernel modules I compiled: all options under "I2C", all options under "Video for Linux" (incl. "DVB", obviously).

To get the card to work simply call "modprobe dvb_bt8xx". Then run, "scan" (from dvb apps) or MythTV as normal.

I have this card working together with a Hauppauge Nova-T (the "new" Conexant version).

There's a nice HOWTO for this card on the avermedia website: http://www.averm.co.uk/avermedia/docs/pdf/linux.txt


(mt352/samsung tdtc9251dh0(??))

 features: Card is capable of delivering the full unmodified TS stream to userspace. AVin
 card driver: dvb-bt8xx
 interface: PCI
 PCI device id: 109e:036e
 PCI subsystem id: 1461:0771
 Bridge: Brooktree bt878
 frontend 1:
   tin box: samsung tdtc9251dh0
   frontend driver: mt352
   demodulator location: tin box
   demodulator: mt352 @0x0f
   PLL: ?? @0x61

Based on the MT352 Demodulator. These cards work well with the latest kernels. The first few versions of the MT352 driver didn't work so well, so try upgrading if you have problems with tuning.