AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T 771 (A771)

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I have this card working fine, under (custom compiled). These are the modules I compiled: all options under "I2C", all options under "Video for Linux" (incl. "DVB", obviously).

The card also works under 2.6.13-rc7. It will probably work with 2.6.12 also, although some folks have had to disable ACPI at boot time.

To get the card to work simply call "modprobe dvb_bt8xx". Then run, "scan" (from dvb apps) or MythTV as normal.

I have this card and a Hauppauge Nova-T (with the new Connexant chipset) working in perfect harmony.

The only suggestion I'd make it to have both cards on their own aerial or to use a signal booster if you're going to split the signal, because the Avermedia card needs a strong signal.