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Welcome to the video4linux wiki

This wiki is designed to serve as a community focus and the resource of reference for users and developers of the Video4Linux framework. In the short term, the task is to document the operation and quirks of hardware supported by v4l applications, to complement and offload the v4l mailing list.

If experienced developers are willing to contribute, we would also like this site to become a repository of knowledge about v4l, helping to ensure that expertise acquired through much hard labor and long dedication won't get lost, but can be passed on to new developers and keep free software thriving.

The wiki will only be as useful as we make it. Every user of video4linux has something to contribute, and we encourage you to begin right away. Whatever you can contribute will be warmly appreciated, whether it is a set of instructions for how to get a certain card working, a report on the audio and video quality of a working card, suggestions for how to extend an existing driver or write a new one, or an explanation of the internal logic of v4l itself.

To keep these instructions free, all contributions to this wiki are automatically licensed under the GNU General Public License GPL. If you wish, you may specify in each case that your contribution is dual-licensed under the MIT License. Please help us keep spam away by signing in before you post.


The v4l wiki team

These categories are provisional placeholders, drawn from LinuxTV's DVB wiki. To make a contribution, just click on one of the links and start writing. The idea is to aggregate information about available hardware, v4l experiences, HOWTOs, and technical information about the workings of v4l devices work. In short, to make this a place a useful and well-organized resource for everyone interested in video4linux.