Artec T1 USB TV Box

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A DVB-T USB device from Artec

The device is based upon the DiBcom DVB-T USB 1.1 reference design.

Note: The following text needs some clean-up work.


Components Used

  • Dibcom DiB3000


Making it work


You will need either dvb-usb-dibusb- or dvb-usb-dibusb-an2235-01.fw in /lib/firmware or the relevant place for your distribution.


Just use the in-kernel drivers, or compile your own by following the How_to_install_DVB_device_drivers instructions.

You may need to make sure that the "Support faulty USB IDs" option is enabled.

<M> Multimedia devices
  <M> DVB/ATSC adapters
    <M> DiBcom USB DVB-T devices (based on the DiB3000M-B)
      [Y] Support faulty USB IDs

Kernel modules


Sample kernel output

usb 2-1: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 10
usb 2-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
dvb-usb: found a 'Artec T1 USB1.1 TVBOX with AN2135' in warm state.
dvb-usb: will use the device's hardware PID filter (table count: 16).
DVB: registering new adapter (Artec T1 USB1.1 TVBOX with AN2135)
DVB: registering frontend 0 (DiBcom 3000M-B DVB-T)...
dibusb: This device has the Thomson Cable onboard. Which is default.
input: IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver as /class/input/input9
dvb-usb: schedule remote query interval to 150 msecs.
dvb-usb: Artec T1 USB1.1 TVBOX with AN2135 successfully initialized and connected.

Remote control support

The IR receiver is presented as a normal input device.

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