Asus U3100 Mini plus DVB-T

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This is just some thoughts and rambling about the Asus U3100 based on the AF9035 instead of the previous DiB models.

EzCap_DVB_T_Stick is the guide to be followed to get this stick working. Read both articles thoroughly and it should be able to get it working.

A hungarian forum post. They link an archive with an installer in it.

When running the shell script in this archive, setup is called which extracts data to /tmp. If the setup is canceled in any way, the temporary directory gets removed. Whats interesting is, that in this directory, is the full source for various tuners and for the af9035.

To get the Asus U3100 working with this source package, a few things need to be modified. Firstly, there is a syntax error. The defines (commented):

#define CRYSTAL_19.2_MHZ
#define CRYSTAL_20.48_MHZ

cannot have dots in them. Remove the dots with a find and replace to something without one, such like:

#define CRYSTAL_19_MHZ
#define CRYSTAL_20_MHZ

Then the USB ID for the U3100plus needs to be added to the kernels in drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-ids.h Such like:

#define USB_PID_ASUS_U3100MINI                  0x1779

Then, the af903x driver needs to be told about this ID. This is done in af903x-devices.c Find the struct af903x_usb_id_table and add the ID's:

struct usb_device_id af903x_usb_id_table[] = {
                { USB_DEVICE(0x15A4,0x1000) },
                { USB_DEVICE(0x15A4,0x1001) },
                { USB_DEVICE(0x15A4,0x1002) },
                { USB_DEVICE(0x15A4,0x1003) },
                { USB_DEVICE(0x15A4,0x9035) },
                { USB_DEVICE(USB_VID_ASUS, USB_PID_ASUS_U3100MINI) },
                { 0},           /* Terminating entry */

And finally, add the struct to the device section listing the devices.

                .num_device_descs =1,
                .devices =  {
                        {       "ITEtech USB2.0 DVB-T Recevier",
                                { &af903x_usb_id_table[0], &af903x_usb_id_table[1],&af903x_usb_id_table[2], 
                                &af903x_usb_id_table[3], &af903x_usb_id_table[4], &af903x_usb_id_table[5], NULL},
                                { NULL },


&af903x_usb_id_table[5], is all that has been added. I guess a second device section can be added to have the U3100plus identified separably, I'll update after I got the device working :)

USB Quircks are also needed for this device.

options usbhid quirks=0x0b05:0x1779:0x0004