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Die Produktseite der Cine S2 auf [1]

== English Version ==

 The Highlights
 	DVB-S/S2 Dual Tuner
  2 X DVB-S / DVB S2 Tuner
  HDTV - H.264 / MPEG4


  Connect via PCIe x1 up to x16 slot

Expandable Modular System

  Huge expansion potential
  max. 3 Expansion Cards with 6 Tuners
  are connectable 

Ultra low profile

  Full height bracket included

DiSeC 2.0 Support Unicable® SCR / Cenelec En50494

  up to 8 tuners via 1 antenna cable

Green IT

  Power consumption only ≈ 3 watts

Microsoft Windows® 7

   incl. Media Center Support

Linux® Support

  Technical specifications
 	Satellit features:

• Symbol Rate: up to 45Msps DVB-S2 • LNB Power: +14VDC or +18VDC

 without power supply (up to 500mA)

• L-Band: 950 MHz to 2150 MHz

 DVB FEC: (Auto Spectral Detection)

• Modulation QPSK/8PASK • Full DiSeqC 2.X support

Standard connections: • PCI Express • L-band input connector

 (supports power to the LNB)

Security: • designed and produced to european

 standards, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Unicablec® compliant: • SCR / Cenelec EN 50494 (Unicable®)

Environmental standards: • RoHS Konformität • WEEE DE 99353762 Power consumption: • PCIe compliant • 1,8 Amp max. via 12V, LNB power • ≈ 3 watts without LNB power

Supported operating systems: • Linux (Kernel 3.X.XX) • Microsoft Windows® Vista • Microsoft Windows 7® 32 and 64 Bit

 (incl. Windows® Media Center)

System requirements: • Dual Core Intel® or AMD® CPU • 512 MB RAM • one free PCIe slot (x1 up to x16)

Dimensions: H 2,165 inches L 6,181 inches D 0,551 inches


  The Digital Devices System
 	Dual Tuner (two discrete tuners per card)

Simultaneously record 1 program while watching another.

Unicable® Support Connect up to 8 tuners via one antenna cable with Unicable® / SCR / CENELEC En50494 compliant LNB or Multiswitch.

Support for up to 6 tuners DVB-S2 and/or DVB C/T (cable/terrestrical) in any combinations.

Low profile 4 tuners can be mounted on just 1 PCI bracket. (see pictures below)

CI with MTD technology (optional) MTD (Multi Transponder Decrypting): only 1 CAM is needed to decrypt 4 encrypted TV channels. View 1 encrypted program while recording up to 3 others. NB Not all CAMs support this feature. Compatible CAMs can be found on our website.

MTD saves the extra cost of buying multiple CI cards, CAMs and Smart Cards. Only 1 Common Interface with 1 CAM and 1 Smart Card needed. No need to buy multiples.