Cx88 Hue Saturation Brightness

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I've seen quite a few posts on the video4linux list from people complaining that they have to either set their HUE to 0% or 100% in order to get realistic colors on their cx88 cards. In an effort to help in solving this problem, I am trying to compile a list of the various cards and the "best" settings that people are using to get a decent picture. Based on the contents of this list, hopefully a decision will be made as to how to deal with this problem once and for all.

Please respond to this email with the settings that you use for your card. Even if your card works correctly out-of-the-box, I'd still like to hear about it. I'm trying to get as close to an all-inclusive list as possible, so please respond in this thread with your settings. I will be posting the compiled list at after enough people have responded. Don't bother going to the web site right away -there's nothing there yet! Please provide the following:

  1. card name, card number, tuner number.
  2. (optional) subsystem ID -- This could be handy if you're unsure of your card name/number... 
  (you can find this in lspci -vn )
  3. COLOR setting.
  4. HUE setting.
  5. CONTRAST setting.
  6. BRIGHTNESS setting.
  7. (optional) Any comments that you may have, i.e. applications these settings worked well under, 
  kernel / v4l version, etc.

Thank you

Card: SubSystem: Tuner: color hue saturation brightness
(1) Hauppage WinTV 34xxx 0070:3400 (38) PHILIPS_FM1216ME_MK3 100% 18% 58% 82%
(9) Leadtek PVR 2000 107d:6620 (38) PHILIPS_FM1216ME_MK3 50% 0% 25% 60% I use a lcd display, which may explain the need for more brightness
(22) pcHDTV HD3000 HDTV 7063:3000 (52) Thomson DDT 7610 (ATSC/NTSC) 48% 100% 21% 75% hue: 100% (0% looks the same to me; 50% has green-blue swapped)
(28) DViCO FusionHDTV3 Gold-T (60) 18ac:d820 Thomson DDT 7611 (ATSC/NTSC) 50% 0% 33% 50%