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The cx2388x chip is the successor to the bt87x chips; cf. PCI interface chipsets used for v4l cards.

There is also support in the kernel for a cx23416 mpeg encoder via the cx2388x host port though the blackbird driver, cx88-blackbird.c, which includes parts from the ivtv driver.

The pcHDTV3000 card supports both analog and digital capture; see also Peter Knaggs excellent configuration guide with further references.

Supported cards

For an up-to-date list of v4l supported cx88 devices, see the Hg version of the kernel documentation. Devices supported by your current kernel are listed in your local kernel source Documentation/video4linux/CARDLIST.cx88.

If your card is not listed, see How to add support for a new card.

Current status


  • Basically works.
  • Some minor image quality glitches
  • See Color problem patch
  • For now only capture; overlay support isn't completed yet.


  • The chip specs for the on-chip TV sound decoder are next to useless :-/
  • Nevertheless, the built-in TV sound decoder starts working now, at least for PAL-BG. Other TV norms need other code ...
  • Most tuner chips do provide mono sound, which may or may not be useable depending on the board design. With the Hauppauge cards it works, so there is mono sound available as fallback.
  • audio data dma (i.e. recording without loopback cable to the sound card) since 2.6.16 (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_ALSA). It only works with boards with function 01 enabled. To check if your board supports it, issue lspci -n. If supported, you should see a 1471:8801 or 1471:8811 PCI device.

vbi (cf. text capture)

  • Some code present. Doesn't crash any more, but also doesn't work yet ...

TV audio types

For an up-to-date list of TV audio types, see the latest Hg version of the kernel sources. The list currently looks like this:

WW_NONE         1
WW_BTSC         2
WW_BG           3
WW_DK           4
WW_I            5
WW_L            6
WW_EIAJ         7
WW_I2SPT        8
WW_FM           9


There was a problem in the cx88 code that resulted in the need to set hue to either 0% or 100% in order to avoid seeing green and blue men on the screen. This problem has been corrected as of the CVS commit on Wed Jun 29 16:28:17 2005 UTC. We have collected information regarding this on Hue_Saturation_Brightness page.

Installation notes

Until someone writes a generic card installation page, please refer to Generic SAA7134 Card Installation. For details, see the individual cards below -- and please add your own!

Leadtek PVR 2000

MSI TV-@nywhere Master

This card is not able to do the default QuasiSplitSound demulation, so force the IF to Intercarrier when inserting the driver module:

options tda9887 qss=0

In addition, set hue full up or down and then adjust the rest. There is a bug nobody has found so far.


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