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'''EasyWatch''' [http://www.satelco.de/htm/shop/popup/mobilset.htm]<BR>
'''[[EasyWatch MobilSet]]''' [http://www.satelco.de/htm/shop/popup/mobilset.htm]<BR>
ca. 100 EURO, cca 4000 Kc s DPH (czech currency)
ca. 100 EURO, cca 4000 Kc s DPH (czech currency)

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Plain Digital have long promised one of these. Apparently they did a development run of a few hundred but have now sold out and while they are open to expressions of interest they do not seem to be about to start mass production any time soon.

Manufacturer /

Model number /


supports Tuner / Chips Connectors Others Pictures

EasyWatch MobilSet [1]

ca. 100 EURO, cca 4000 Kc s DPH (czech currency)

yes (pluto2 driver) Philips TDA10046, LG Innotek TDTE-E001P (Infineon TUA6034) Antenna in comes with an Antenna of Kathrein [2]

Viola DIGITELMO 1 [3]

ca. 50 Euro

in progress[4] (balutv_cs) Philips TDA10046,
Philips TDA8274
Antenna in (SMB) [5]

ModiTel 1 [6]

ca. 70 Euro

in progress (balutv_cs) Philips TDA10046,
Philips TDA8274
Antenna in (SMB) Comes with a passive antenna. Tuner is too weak, you need at least 75dB (40 dB is normal). Bar antenna is not enough, roof antenna is required. [7]

AVerTV Hybrid+FM Cardbus (E506R) [8]

ca. 90 Euro

not yet?
analog works

For experimental support, see here, and maybe here.

AVerMedia also provides beta Linux drivers for this device; see here.

  • Antenna in (SMB)
  • Composite in
  • S-Video in
  • Audio L/R in
  • FM Radio in
comes with a passive antenna, radio antenna and IR remote

FlyDVB-T Duo CardBus

not yet?
S-Video Composite input works
Philips SAA7134
analog TV Antenna
digital TV Antenna
S-Video In
Composite In
Audio L/R In