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Note from Gerd Knorr about the current method of submitting patches

April 2005

Hi folks,

As you may have noticed on lkml and the v4l mailing list, I've stopped maintaining video4linux in the linux kernels. That means for submitting patches:

  • The cvs tree at is not the "master copy" of the video4linux subsystem any more. For the time being it is the 2.6 standard kernel. This may change if someone else decides to take over maintainance and handle it differently ...
  • Patches should be built against the latest 2.6 kernel, not against video4linux cvs.
  • I've accumulated a number of v4l patches in my inbox last month, didn't manage to process a single one of them so far due to limited time, and I suspect this isn't going to change in the future ...

How to get your changes into the mainline tree?

  1. Post your patches to the video4linux mailing list[1] for review and testing by other people. Fix problems and repeat until everyone is happy ;)
  2. Create a nice patch with changelog and everything, have a look at the Documentation/SubmittingPatches guidelines for the details. Make sure the patch applies fine against the latest kernel (preferably the latest -mm kernel).
  3. Submit the patch. Mail it to the kernel mailing list[2] and Andrew Morton[3] (the guy maintaining the -mm tree). It's fine to Cc: me here, that probably makes it easier to get the changes accepted because I can comment in case there are questions or objections from Andrew or other guys on the kernel list.



[1] V4l mailing list

[2] Linux kernel mailing list <>

[3] Andrew Morton <>