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DigitalRise logo

DigitalRise is an Austrian distributor of various DVB-related products. It is also a subsidiary of Marel IT solutions, also located in Austria.

DVB Devices sold by DigitalRise
Device Model Interface HDTV CI Description Supported
DVB-S PCI Sat CI 1034 PCI No Yes
DVB-S2 PCI Sat CI 1041 PCI Yes Yes
DVB-S USB Sat Starbox 7021 USB 2.0 No No
DVB-T PCI Ter FTA 3020C PCI Yes No
DVB-T USB 1.1 Ter 7042 USB 1.1 No No
DVB-T USB 2.0 Ter Beetle 7045 USB 2.0 Yes No
DVB-C PCI Cable CI 2040 PCI Yes Yes

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