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dvbtune is a command line zapping / channel tuning utility for DVB cards, supporting legacy DVB API version 3.2 only.

dvbtune is outdated, but may be still useful in some cases.


usage: dvbtune -f frequency -p h|v -s symbol_rate -v vpid -a apid -t tpid
       dvbtune-f frequency

       -c [0-3]  : Use DVB device [0-3]
       -f freq   : Absolute  Frequency  (DVB-S  in Hz or DVB-T in Hz), or L-band
                   Frequency (DVB-S in Hz or DVB-T in Hz).
       -p [H|V]  : Polarity (DVB-S only)
       -t [0|1]  : 0 = 22kHz off, 1 = 22kHz on
       -I [0|1|2]: 0 = Inversion off 1 = Inversion on, 2 = auto (Default)
       -S N      : Symbol rate (DVB-S only), e.g. 27500
       -D [0-4]  : DiSEqc command (0 = none)
       -V vpid   : Set video PID (oldstyle FF cards)
       -A apid   : Set audio PID (oldstyle FF cards))
       -T ttpid  : Set teletext PID (oldstyle FF cards)
       -pnr N    : Tune to Program Number (aka service) N
       -i        : Dump SI information as XML
       -x        : Attempt to auto-find other transponders (experimental)
       -m        : Monitor the reception quality
       -n dpid   : Add network interface and receive MPE on PID dpid
       --help    : help message
       --version : version string