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Elgato is a German based vendor of DVB devices that are targeted towards Mac OS-X users. Their OS-X based software is quite well-designed, maybe it's worth a look as source of inspiration for other DVB application developers and GUI designers.

Elgato initially provided only FireWire/IEEE1394 DVB receivers (see DVB-T IEEE1394 Devices), but have since branched out with more interface options.

DVB Devices sold by Elgato
Device Description
EyeTV 400 DVB-T FireWire Box
EyeTV 410 DVB-T FireWire Box with Common Interface
EyeTV 300 DVB-S FireWire Box
EyeTV 310 DVB-S FireWire Box with Common Interface
EyeTV 250 DVB-T USB Box with analog Tuner and video converter
EyeTV DTT deluxe extra small DVB-T USB 2.0
EyeTV DTT deluxe v2 extremly small DVB-T USB 2.0
EyeTV diversity (Hauppauge_WinTV-NOVA-TD clone) dual tuner DVB-T USB 2.0
EyeTV hybrid 2008 DVB-T, DVB-C, and analog USB 2.0
EyeTV hybrid 2014 DVB-T and DVB-C USB 2.0
EyeTV Hybrid US
EyeTV 500
Video Capture Existing as Version 1 and Version 2, with different chips which requires different drivers

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