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A DVB-T USB 1.1 device from Hauppauge (actually manufactured by TechnoTrend) that can be used either as a PC peripheral or as a standalone STB.


 Card can only deliver a partial/modified TS stream to userspace
 Card has an onboard hardware video+audio decoder
 card driver: ttusb-dec
 interface: USB 1.1
 USB device id: 0b48:1009
 Notes: These cards have the frontend hidden behind a USB interface 

The DEC is a set-top boxes equipped with a USB port and can be used without a PC. The TV-Out can't be used for PC output.

The following drivers are needed for this device:

 - ttusbdecfe.ko
 - ttusb_dec.ko
Device / Model Type Hardware Firmware URL / Pictures
Comments & quirks
Hauppauge DEC2540-T USB (DVB-T) USB1.1 DEC-specific
Similar to DEC2000-T but with Conax(?) decrypt card slot. Decryption is not supported under GNU/Linux. Only sold in the Netherlands.

Links referring to the Hauppauge DEC2540-T USB:

Watching TV with this device works ( using xine, recording via cat'ting /dev/dvb... works, but most existing tv applications do not work, because it does not have V4L interface.