Hauppauge WinTV-D

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An ATSC PCI card by Hauppauge featuring MPEG2 hardware decoding. Its analog side is supported under Linux, but not its digital side.

This card, also known as model 00697, was Hauppauge's first ATSC device and was brought to market in 1999.

It features:

  • a Philips FCV1236D tuner can ... containing unknown tuner IC(s) and analog IF demodulator
  • several Philips IC's for handling broadcast analog audio (SIF)
  • a Philips TDA8960 (digital demodulator)
  • a LG 802 MPEG2 decoder (?) ... can't find any info on this IC
  • 4MB of SDRAM
  • a Xilinx IC (likely for downscaling the video)
  • a BT878 A/V decoder and bridge
  • a Miconas IC (TV-out ?)
  • maybe an Analog Devices IC and others ...