Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1500

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WinTV-HVR-1500, with the included dongle cables for antenna/cable and video/audio input attached

An ATSC Express Card/54 mm from Hauppauge.


The Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1500 ExpressCard was also sold re-branded by HP as model HP RM436AA#ABA. There is also a HVR-1500Q model.

The F-Connector provides an antenna/cable connection for:

  • NTSC Analog Cable and Over the Air TV
  • ATSC Digital Over the Air HDTV
  • Clear QAM Digital Cable TV

Also provides connection for analog and S-Video video inputs and stereo audio input.


Status Report
This card is reported to work on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10), Karmic Koala (9.10), and suSe 11.1. Should work with any distribution using a kernel supporting the latest V4L-DVB drivers.

Using latest drivers built on 9 Feb 2010 seem to support the ATSC tuning component just fine.

No Analog Support

The cx23885 driver currently lacks analog support. This is supposed to be fixed "soon"

Eeprom problem

Currently (as of 9 Feb 2010) a firmware bug that appears in at least the Q model of the card:

Example of dmesg output from the kernel:

[   10.733528] CORE cx23885[0]: subsystem: 0070:7790, board: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1500Q [card=5,autodetected]
[   10.861449] tveeprom 1-0050: Encountered bad packet header [ff]. Corrupt or not a Hauppauge eeprom.
[   10.861452] cx23885[0]: warning: unknown hauppauge model #0
[   10.861454] cx23885[0]: hauppauge eeprom: model=0
[   10.861457] cx23885_dvb_register() allocating 1 frontend(s)
[   10.861460] cx23885[0]: cx23885 based dvb card

Old (April 2009) V4L-DVB Patch Required

Older V4L driver sets required a patch to the v4l code as of April 2009. More recent editions of the V4L drivers already have this patch committed and thus is not required to be applied.

You must download the v4l sources, verify that you either have the patch in the downloaded version or do the patch, and recompile. Description of patch is at http://linuxtv.org/hg/~stoth/cx23885-hvr1500/rev/7853c00870e1


The indicator light will not come on under Linux, but the card operates perfectly otherwise.

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