Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250

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An ATSC PCIe card from Hauppauge.

Currently unsupported!


Dual hybrid digital/analog tuners, low profile.

  • Single slot PCI Express (PCIe) X1 board, half height.
  • Two analog tuners, each with their own hardware encoders
  • Two digital TV receivers for ATSC or clear QAM
  • Dual built-in hardware MPEG-2 encoders.

Components Used

Could someone who has this card please take a good look at the board and list all the chips here?


Other Images

Could someone who has the board please take high resolution photographs and insert them here ?

Making it Work

Steven Toth has released drivers for the HVR-22xx family cards. http://www.steventoth.net/blog/products/hvr-2250/


The windows driver and linux firmware extraction scripts are up on http://www.steventoth.net/linux/hvr22xx


SAA7164 Linux Driver is here: http://www.kernellabs.com/blog/?page_id=17

Sample Kernel Output

provide the relevant portion of dmesg here

Remote Controller Support

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