Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-USB2

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A DVB-T USB 2.0 device from Hauppauge.

It is supported under Linux since kernel 2.6.12rc3.


These devices are clones of a DVB-T USB2.0 reference design made by DiBcom. There are actually a couple of different variants of the device, but all should be supported.

Components Used


  • the older variant has a USB ID of: 9300 & 9301 (for cold and warm state)

It has a MAC address.

Making it Work


It requires the firmware file dvb-usb-nova-t-usb2-01.fw


The following drivers are needed for these devices:

 - dib3000-common.ko
 - dib3000mc.ko
 - dvb-usb.ko
 - dvb-usb-dibusb-common.ko
 - dvb-usb-nova-t-usb2.ko

Remote Control

The remote control is partially supported by current Linux kernels together with the abovementioned firmware and drivers. Supported are the following keys:

  • numbers 0 through 9, asterisk, (#)
  • arrow keys
  • volume up, down
  • play, record, rewind, forward, pause, (stop)

The other keys deliver scancodes above 255, which are not recognized by X11. For a solution, refer to: [1]

Do not try some other solution like LIRC, this one works easiest.

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