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ISDB (short for Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting) is a set of standards for both digital television and radio that was developed in Japan by ARiB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses) and promoted by DiBEG (The Digital Broadcasting Experts Group).

The core standards include:

  • ISDB-S (for satellite television)
  • ISDB-T (for terrestrial signals)
  • ISDB-C (for cable networks)

An RFC on a proposal for adding support for ISDB-T and ISDB-Tsb to the Linux DVB API v5 was issued on 3 Aug 2009, with the intention of reaching consensus before the merge window for kernel version 2.6.32 is opened (expected around 28 Aug 2009). Anyone with an interest is encouraged to take part in the discussion at A pull request was issued on 14 Aug 2009:


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