KWorld UB435-Q USB ATSC TV stick

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KWorld UB435-Q USB ATSC TV Stick

An ATSC USB 2.0 device from KWorld.

It is supported under Linux as of Kernel 2.6.36

Note: Caveat emptor! There is a different model variant (USB ID: 1b80:e346) of the UB435-Q USB ATSC TV Stick, containing different hardware components and is presently not supported. [1] [2]


  • High speed USB2.0 Plug-and-Play interface for PC or Laptop.
  • USB 2.0 Bus-powered (No power adaptor required).
  • Supports up to 1920x1080i (HDTV).
  • Supports Digital TV (ATSC 8VSB) and Digital Cable TV (unencrypted QAM).
  • Dolby Digital AC3 Audio Output.

Looks and is identical to the older ATSC 340U, but with different coloured packaging, and uses a newer revision (C2) of the tuner. [3] [4] Internal PCB is stamped ATSC_340U Ver:B

Components Used

  • NXP TDA18271HD/C2 tuner
  • LG LGDT3304 digital demodulator
  • Empia EM2870 USB bridge


USB ID from Output of lsusb: 1b80:a340

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