KWorld UB435-Q USB ATSC TV stick

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KWorld UB435-Q USB ATSC TV Stick

KWorld appears to have exited the TV tuner business some time in 2016. This was their last ATSC model being sold.

An ATSC USB 2.0 device from KWorld.

There are 3 versions of this device - each has a different VID:UID:

  • 1b80:a340 no version indicator - supported under Linux as of Kernel 2.6.3
  • 1b80:e346 is supported in kernel since 3.13
  • 1b80:e34c add V3 to name - supported under Linux as of Kernel 3.16.??


The U-shaped clear plastic covering the USB-end of the stick (visible in the image above) interferes with the USB plug and makes it difficult to form a firm connection into a USB socket. For a solid connection this should be removed or sanded down.

As the stick is known to run somewhat warm, removing it, or the entire case, may be worthwhile.

Original version Overview/Features

  • High speed USB2.0 Plug-and-Play interface for PC or Laptop.
  • USB 2.0 Bus-powered (No power adaptor required).
  • Supports up to 1920x1080i (HDTV).
  • Supports Digital TV (ATSC 8VSB) and Digital Cable TV (unencrypted QAM).
  • Dolby Digital AC3 Audio Output.

Components Used

  • NXP TDA18271HD/C2 tuner
  • LG LGDT3304 digital demodulator
  • Empia EM2870 USB bridge


Looks and is identical to the older ATSC 340U, but with different coloured packaging, and uses a newer revision (C2) of the tuner. [1] [2] Internal PCB is stamped ATSC_340U Ver:B

USB ID from Output of lsusb: 1b80:a340

UB435-Q V3 Overview/Features

Components Used

  • NXP 18272/M tuner
  • LG LGDT3305 digital demodulator (neatly stamped "7th Generation VSB/QAM Receiver")
  • Empia EM2874B USB bridge


Looks like original version. Label on back with UPC code has V3 added to name.

USB ID from Output of lsusb: 1b80:e34c


[  174.897318] Linux video capture interface: v2.00
[  174.900987] em28xx: New device  USB 2875 Device @ 480 Mbps (1b80:e34c, interface 0, class 0)
[  174.900990] em28xx: DVB interface 0 found: bulk
[  174.901043] em28xx: chip ID is em2874
[  175.387994] em2874 #0: EEPROM ID = 26 00 01 00, EEPROM hash = 0x5d3e97ab
[  175.387999] em2874 #0: EEPROM info:
[  175.388002] em2874 #0:       microcode start address = 0x0004, boot configuration = 0x01
[  175.410783] em2874 #0:       AC97 audio (5 sample rates)
[  175.410787] em2874 #0:       500mA max power
[  175.410790] em2874 #0:       Table at offset 0x24, strings=0x206a, 0x048a, 0x0000
[  175.410936] em2874 #0: Identified as KWorld USB ATSC TV Stick UB435-Q V3 (card=93)
[  175.410938] em2874 #0: dvb set to bulk mode.
[  175.410964] usbcore: registered new interface driver em28xx
[  175.413555] em2874 #0: Binding DVB extension
[  175.422065] i2c i2c-10: tda18212: NXP TDA18212HN successfully identified
[  175.422071] DVB: registering new adapter (em2874 #0)
[  175.422077] usb 2-1: DVB: registering adapter 1 frontend 0 (LG Electronics LGDT3305 VSB/QAM Frontend)...
[  175.423590] em2874 #0: DVB extension successfully initialized
[  175.423594] em28xx: Registered (Em28xx dvb Extension) extension

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