KWorld V-Stream Xpert DVB-T PCI

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Kworld V-Stream Xpert DVB-T PCI for DVB-T with remote & IR-receiver (included).

There are three versions of this card, one with a Samsung tuner similar to the AVerMedia 771, another with a Thomson tuner (similar to the Nova-T 90002) and another with Thomson tuner DTT 7579. If your kernel doesn't recognize, please use the V4L CVS for full support.

Thomson Tuner DTT 7579



I bought this card to replace an AverMedia 761 that never worked reliably for me. The Kworld gives me much better reception and seems to work reliably with kernel 2.6.12 (see Kworld V-Stream Xpert DVB-T/Software & Patch).

It was pretty hard to find this card in Sweden. I finally managed to buy it from They call the card "V-Stream TV-kort för Marksänd DigitalTV, PCI" and make no mention of neither KWorld nor Xpert.


This card run perfectly on my system:


Mb ASUS A7V266, CPU Athlon 1 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, Nvidia Geforce 4 64 Mb with TVout, HD 80 Gb, Firewire, dvd reader, etc.


Mandrake 10.1

MythTV 0.17

Stock kernel (from

Lirc 0.7.0

Patch from[1]

Patch from [2]

Patch for this remote controller

lirc.conf for this remote controller

lircrc (for mythtv)

Thomson Tuner (Nova-T 9002)

Similar to Nova-T 90002

Samsung Tuner

Similar to AVerMedia 771