LifeView FlyDVB-T

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Upgrade your TV viewing experience with the unprecedented quality of digital TV! The FlyDVB-T is a low-profile DVB-T TV card that can receive digital terrestrial TV and radio programs. Enjoy the increased resolution, reception, and quality of digital TV, complete with stereo sound!

It also includes inputs for S-Video and composite video sources - watch and record video from a VCR or camcorder! And with LifeView's exclusive MST technology, you can watch both digital TV and analog video at the same time, on the same screen! Watch the two video streams picture in picture, side by side, or in separate windows!

Record digital TV perfectly to MPEG-2, or record analog video to MPEG 1/2/4. TimeShifting functions let you pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV! You can schedule recordings, auto scan for channels, take still image snapshots and more! The FlyDVB-T is the perfect way to experience the future of television today!


[1]LR301 for DVB-T only.