LifeView TV Walker Twin DVB-T (LR540)

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LifeView manufacture a variety of TV receivers for the consumer market and for OEMs (including the LR534 for Packard Bell).

LifeView TV Walker Twin | DVB-T USB Receiver

USB id: 10fd:0514 (cold - before firmware download)
USB id: 10fd:0513 (warm - after firmware download)

Status: Supported

Contains 2 tuners and 2 demodulators, and 1 remote control.

Works in kaffeine; dvbstream does not work (or wrong settings)


  • Coming soon

LifeView LR534 mini-PCIe card

Status: Supported using the driver for LifeView TV Walker Twin below

USB id: 10fd:0513

Contains 1 tuner TDA8275 and 1 demodulator TDA10046. No remote control.


LifeView LR535 mini-PCIe card

Status: Unknown - seeking information and pictures

USB id: 10fd:0535


  • Coming soon

Gericom TV Tuner USB 2.0 (digital and analogue)

Status: Possibly usable, see nick-linuxtv at

USB id: 10fd:1505

Has an m9207.


Technical Details

Used ICs

  • ULi M9206
  • TDA 10046A (2 of them in the TV Walker Twin)
  • TDA 8275a (2 of them in the TV Walker Twin)



Supported and mostly working. Things which work include:

  • Device is recognised and two tuners and two demodulators are attached
  • Can play video streams using Kaffeine
  • Remote control initialisation and codes have been determined

Things which may not work include:

  • "scan" only finds some transponders (for Nick Andrew, at least)
  • Have not successfully used dvbstream yet

Technical Details

The M9206 chip handles two demodulators and two tuners.

The demodulators are located at i2c addresses 0x10 and 0x16.

The tuners are located at i2c addresses 0xc0 and 0xc2.

Also, the device is probed twice, so it ends up as 4 adapters: /dev/dvb/adapter0 .. adapter3.

People who own such a device

Feel free to add yourself here, testers will always be needed!

Name Email
Nick Andrew nick-linuxtv at nick-andrew dot net (owns two LifeView TV Walker Twins)
Ketrox ketrox at no-limitz dot org (owns a mini-PCIe)
manhunt mike4004 at gmail dot com (owns a Gericom m9207-based analogue/digital receiver)