List of Chipset Vendors

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Tuners, Demodulators, A/V Decoders , Encoders, Decoders, USB bridge, PCI bridge, PCIe bridge ....

Sortable Table of Chipset Vendors
Vendor Headquarters Comments
Afatech Taiwan Merged with ITE Tech. Inc. in 2008
Alps Japan
ATI/AMD U.S.A./Canada
Atmel U.S.A.
Auvitek China/U.S.A.
B2C2 Inc. U.S.A.
Broadcom U.S.A.
Brooktree Corporation U.S.A. Bought by Rockwell Semiconductors in 1996
Cirrus Logic U.S.A.
Conexant U.S.A.
Cypress U.S.A.
DiBcom France produces DVB-T and DVB-H Demodulator chipsets for mobile usage
E3C Technologies Actual vendor is Tai-Hui; E3C is a branding name
EMPIA Technology Taiwan Merged with eGalax Inc. in December 2006 to become EETI
Grundig Germany
Infineon Germany tuner ICs
Intel U.S.A.
LG Innotek Korea
LSI Logic Corporation U.S.A.
Maxlinear U.S.A. tuner ICs (MXL5003S,MXL5005S)
Microtune U.S.A.
Mirconas Switzerland
Mitel Canada
NEC Japan
NXP Semiconductors Netherlands
Oren Acquired by Zoran Corporation in June 2005
Panasonic Japan
Philips Semiconductors Netherlands various; now see NXP
Samsung South Korea
SPaSE Netherlands
STMicroelectronics Geneva
Thomson France
Texas Instruments U.S.A.
ULi Electronics Acquired by Nvidia in 2006
Vision Group Plc Scotland Acquired by STMicroelectronics in 1999
VLSI Technology U.S.A.
VLSI Vision Ltd Scotland
Xceive U.S.A.
Zarlink Semiconductor Canada Acquired by Intel in October 2005
Zoran U.S.A.