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The Moving Picture Coding Experts Group (MPEG) was established by Leonardo Chiariglione in January 1988.

The MPEG-2 Standard is defined in ISO-13818, which is comprised of the following documents (some of them are also published by ITU):

  • ISO-13818-2 aka ITU-T H.262 
  • ISO-13818-3 
  • ISO-13818-4 
    Conformance testing (read if you want to write a multiplexer or an encoder)
  • ISO-13818-6 
    Extensions for DSM-CC (Digital Storage Media Command and Control). The DSM-CC specification covers several different aspects of broadband service delivery. One of these includes the "Download" Protocol, which has several variations, including DSM-CC ObjectCarousel, which is used to transmit interactive multimedia information, such as is the case with MHP or MHEG-5 applications, and other data.
  • ISO-13818-7 
    Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)

For a full list of the MPEG-2 standard's documents, see the ISO website.

Also See

  • Given that the MPEG-2 Standard is a superset of the MPEG-1 Standard, you will find that it will, in places, refer to the older MPEG-1 standards documents (especially in the case of audio coding), so you may wish to read ISO-11172 as well
  • The DVB Standards
  • The ATSC Standards

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