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=== IR Remote Support ===
=== IR Remote Support ===
Not supported yet
IR Remote support added to kernel in version 2.6.32 ([http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=e1a7ff84a4c26893ffca19c1c35d008caa89bfde git commit])
[[Category:DVB-T USB Devices]]
[[Category:DVB-T USB Devices]]

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MSI DigiVox mini III
MSI DigiVox mini III IR remote control

MSI DigiVox mini III is a DVB-T USB 2.0 device from MSI (see Vendor site for a picture).


Afatech AF9015 - DVB-T demodulator and USB bridge

NXP/Philips TDA18211HD - tuner


[root@host] lsusb
ID 1462:8807 Micro Star International

Kernel modules




Supported by linux kernel since version 2.6.28 (git commit), plug & play on any modern Linux distribution.

Another option is to download latest v4l-dvb drivers. Either getting [1] or using mercury. See the How to Obtain, Build and Install V4L-DVB Device Drivers for all the details.


You may need to copy the following firmware dvb-usb-af9015.fw in your /lib/firmware/ directory, or in the directory where your system will search for it. Firmware version 4.95 or latest is required.

IR Remote Support

IR Remote support added to kernel in version 2.6.32 (git commit)