MSI Digi@nywhere A/D

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An ATSC PCI card from MSI.

It is currently unsupported under Linux.



  • 75 Ohm Antenna, for ATSC (Digital) and NTSC (Analog)
  • S-Video
  • Composite RCA Jack for FM
  • IR Remote Control Sensor

Closest Working Card:

Components Used

  • Xceive XC5000 (tuner & analog demodulator)
  • Micronas DRX 3933J (8VSB, QAM 64/256 demodulator) link
  • Conexant cx23883-39 (A/V decoder)
  • Cirrus 5340 CZZ (audio decoder)
  • Unknown eeprom FM24C02 (8 pin)


output of lspci -vnn:

External Links

  • MSI product page