MSI DigiVox Trio

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Msi digivox trio.jpg

A combined DVB-C and DVB-T (and Analog TV/radio) USB 2.0 device from MSI.

Driver support

As of june 2013, unsupported in v4l-dvb. It would appear it was once supported in em28xx-new, but this project was dropped.


Bus 001 Device 003: ID eb1a:2885 eMPIA Technology, Inc. 


  • nxp tda18271hdc2 (tuner)
  • micronas drx 3926ka3 (demodulator, 3in1)
  • em2884
  • atmlh946 64c (eeprom)
  • micronas avf 4910ba1

At least the tuner, demodulator and em2884 are also found in the (supported) PCTV QuatroStick nano (520e).

You can try

Loading the em28xx driver as if this device is a Terratec H5 (card=79). DVB-C will work but show corruption every few seconds.

sudo modprobe em28xx card=79
echo eb1a 2885 | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/em28xx/new_id

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