Medion MD95700 (DVB-T)

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A DVB-T USB device from Medion.

It is supported by LinuxTV (although, not completely; see below).


The following drivers are needed for these devices:

 - cx22702.ko
 - dvb-usb.ko
 - dvb-usb-cxusb.ko

The analogue part (handled by a Conexant CX25842) is not supported yet. The cx25840 driver from ivtv can be used to implement support.

Device / Model Type Hardware Firmware URL / Pictures
Comments & quirks
Medion MD 95700 4in1 USB2.0 Conexant CX22702
The box also has a X10 remote control. This is radio, not IR, and is supported by the ati remote driver. It also has a USB2.0 hub (Tetrahub) with one additional USB port. Both of them are working without mains power.

There is a new firmware, version, for the MD 95700 from Medion. You can download it directly: [1] (in German). Please read the Readme before you flash the box.

This update fixes some video problems, but it is incompatible with the old dvb-usb drivers (i.e. kernels from 2005). If you use your box under Windows, don't forget to ensure that the Windows drivers are up to date too.

Distro-specific note: Using the Medion MD95700 with Suse 10.1

please review this text ... thanks!!

On a Suse 10.1 default smp kernel, the driver module dvb-usb-cxusb.ko is missing. The USB box can not be used without building this module. The sources of this driver are in the files drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/cxusb.*.

The driver for the Medion MD 95700 is referenced in newer kernel configuration as "Conexant USB2.0 hybrid reference design support". Yast uses the term "Conexant DVB-T reference design".

To build this driver:

  • Install kernel-source, gcc, ncurses and optional kernal-syms
  • cd /usr/src/linux
  • Optional copy the current kernel configuration: cp /proc/config.gz .config
  • Enable the build of the missing module:
    • su
    • make menuconfig
    • Device Drivers -> Multimedia Devices -> Digital Video Broadcasting Devices -> Conexant USB2.0 hybrid reference design support -> build as Module
  • Build either the the whole kernel inluding modules or this single module. The build process is described in /usr/src/linux/README.SUSE
  • Install the module(s)
  • Load the module using "modprobe dvb-usb-cxusb". On reboot, the module should be automaticallly loaded if the box is connected.
  • The devices /dev/dvb/adapter0/* should be created on module load
  • Configure the box using Yast -> Hardware -> Tv Card -> Add -> Other -> Conexant DVB-T reference design
  • Install and configure your favorite DVB Tv application

Note: The current Suse kernel source "" has the new dvd-usb drivers included and therefore can handle boxes flashed to the firmware

Todo: Configuration of the X10 RF remote control receiver and applications