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TDA182xx are a family of tuner ICs from NXP/Philips. They appear to be in the process of being superceded by newer devices such as the NXP/Philips CX24109.


A tuner IC for DVB-T, targetted at STB.


The TDA18212HN is a Silicon Tuner designed for terrestrial and cable TV reception for digital signals. TDA18212HN/M (Master) is to be used as a stand-alone tuner IC or Master in dual tuner application. TDA18212HN/S (Slave) is only to be used as Slave Silicon Tuner in dual tuner application. The TDA18212HN supports all digital TV standards and delivers a LOW IF (LIF) signal to a channel demodulator for digital TV.

This tuner is used in TBS6280

chipset overview

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A tuner IC.


A tuner IC targetted at STB.


The TDA18271HD is a Tuner IC by NXP designed mainly for terrestrial analog and digital TV reception and targetted at PC-TV. The TDA18271HD integrates the overall tuning function, including selectivity.

The TDA18271HD is compatible with all analog and digital TV standards and delivers a low IF signal to a demodulator (for analog TV) and/or channel decoder (for digital TV).

Fortunately documentation useful for writing a driver is available.

Download datasheet

Download all documentation


A tuner IC covering DVB-T and DVB-H.


A tuner IC covering DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH, T-DMB and ISDB-T, targeted at low power applications such as notebooks, handheld devices, USB sticks.

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