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A DVB-S2 PCIe card from NetUP Inc.


  • PCI-e x1
  • Supports two DVB-S/DVB-S2 transponders simultaneously
  • Independent descrambling of two transponders
  • DiSEqC 2.x

Components Used

  • Conexant CX23885
  • Dual demodulator STM STV0900BAB
  • Tuner STM STV6110A
  • Dual LNB STM LNBH24


PCI id:

1B55:2a2c NetUP Dual DVB-S2-CI card

for engineering prototype:

14f1:8852 Multimedia video controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. CX23885 PCI Video and Audio Decoder (rev 03)


Linux driver committed into Linux kernel mainline sources and available in modern distributive out of the box.

Some installations tips (out of date) described in article http://www.tele-satellite.com/TELE-satellite-1003/eng/netup.pdf

Windows open source driver available here - https://github.com/netup/netup-dvb-s2-ci-dual

Advanced functionality - 16APSK/32APSK

16APSK/32APSK support

Ideal for IPTV Building

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