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A U.S. based DVB Card Vendor that produces ATSC HDTV PCI cards and claims explicitly that they are working under Linux.



Mini HOW-TOs

How do I scan for QAM channels?

pcHDTV 3000 supports unencrypted QAM channels over cable. You must have the DVB module drivers (cx88_dvb) loaded to use QAM. [TODO add link to pcHDTV forums on DVB driver installation.] To scan for QAM channels:

1. Install the 'dvb-apps' tools from cvs. See http://www.linuxtv.org.

TODO add cvs instructions

2. Save 'http://www.digitalregime.com/patches/channels.conf-qam-correct' to '~/.azap/channels.conf'.

You should be able to scan for QAM channels using 'azap' from the dvb-apps. Run 'azap [channel]' to scan for a specified channel, e.g., 'azap c80'. Cable channels typically begin at 80. A FE_HAS_LOCK indicates a signal lock on channel.

MythTV 0.17 supports automagic scanning of DVB channels. Make sure you compile it with DVB support.

How do I know if a QAM channel is encrypted?

There does not seem to be a way to tell for certain. See this post and this reply (March, 2005).

How do I record a stream from DVB?

You can use dvbstream and dtvstream. See this post (March 19, 2005).