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(People who own such a device)
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   <td>andlinux at yahoo dot com</td>
   <td>andlinux at yahoo dot com</td>
  <td>zepsweden at gmail dot com</td>

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Pinnacle PCTV 310e (USB)

Used ICs

  • ULI M9207
  • TVP5150AM
  • MT352
  • Philips 3139 FMD1 SV21



this device is not em28xx compatible, there's no driver available yet.

Technical Details

The i2c protocol is encapsulated within the USB Control messages, looks like it's nothing special but someone would have to spend some time on it.

Captured Windows USB Transfer (usbsnoop)

People who own such a device

feel free to add yourself here, testers will always be needed!

Name Email
Francesco Di Cerbo francesco dot dicerbo at unige dot it
Enrico enr9 at inwind dot it
Sebiastien Valette sebastien dot valette at creatis dot insa dash lyon dot fr
Cedbor cedbor at free dot fr
Julien Julien dot poulation dash linux at laposte dot net
Alexandre ac007 at bluewin dot ch
Candid Dauth mailinglists at cdauth dot de
Stefano Muret stefano dot muret at gmail dot com
Andy andlinux at yahoo dot com
Jonas zepsweden at gmail dot com