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Project-X: a DVB demuxer

Project X gives you a look behind european DVB transmissions and tries its best to handle & repair many stream types and shows what went wrong on reception.

Project-X main features:

  • TS demuxer
  • can remux in TS, VDR, M2P, PVA
  • handles DVB subtitles
  • handles teletext subtitles
  • Simple cut editor à la vdr


Here's the main project X screen: Projectx main screen.png

Here's the video editor: Projectx video cuts screen.jpeg


Project X is written in Java and runs fines with Sun or Blackdown Java. (no such luck with Kaffe)


Cleaning (Error Correction) with ProjectX

ProjectX does its full power error-correction only if you choose demux. (You could also chose "to TS" but ProjectX's error correction is weaker and de-synchronisation occcurs - a different for each film...) The good thing about the audio and the video files that are created by ProjectX is: they really are synchronised.

One could do all these things also in the GUI, but the CLI has got all one needs to demux (and therefore error-correct):

me@comp:/videos/vdr/The_Long_Good_Friday/2006-09-$ java -jar /usr/bin/px/ProjectX.jar -demux 001.vdr 002.vdr -out /home/me/videos2convert/ -name longgoodfriday

Now one can recombine them (producing an error-free MPEG2 of pretty much same length) e.g. by

mplex -f 8 -o longgoodfriday_muxed.mpeg2 longgoodfriday.m2v longgoodfriday.mp2

Or one can re-code either or both of them and then recombine them.

Command line options

$ java -jar /usr/bin/px/ProjectX.jar -?
quick CL usage:
Note: CL doesn't load the GUI components, except with switch [-gui]
<without options>  ...starts the GUI
switches and inputfiles can be in any order 

[-ini <path + inifile>] ..use that specified iniFile instead of the standard
[-dvx1] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile on demux
[-dvx2] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile + .ac3.wav (RIFF WAVE Header)
[-dvx3] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile + .mpa.wav (RIFF WAVE Header)
[-dvx4] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile + .ac3.wav + mpa.wav (RIFF WAVE Header)
[-out <path>] ..use that specified directory for output
[-name <filename>] ..use that specified filename for output
[-cut <file>] ..use that text based file as cutpoint list
[-chp <file>] ..use that text based file as chapterpoint list
[-id <tokens>] ..use only these (P)IDs, separated by comma ","
[-gui] ..display the GUI using all given CLI options
[-log] ..write the normal logfile
[-saveini] changes made bei CLI in active .ini
[-split <xxx>] ..split output at xxx MB
[-demux, -tom2p, -topva, -tovdr, -tots, -filter] ..action types