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Photo of SI2165 (on WinTV HVR-930C-HD


The Silicon Labs si2165 is a Multi-Standard DVB-T and DVB-C Demodulator. It is related to the si2161 (DVB-T only) and si2163 (DVB-C only) chips.


There is currently no driver support available. A first version of a driver has been posted here. With luck, the driver will also work on si2161 and si2163 devices, but I don't know devices using them.


Si2165/Si2161 is used on the these boards:

According to hcw10bda.inf Si2165 or Si2161 are also used on

  • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-930C-HD new revision (Si2158/Si2165) (USB 2040:B131)
  • Hauppauge ??? Exeter (TDA18271/Si2161) (USB 2040:B138)
  • Hauppauge ??? Exeter (Si2158/Si2161) (USB 2040:B139)
  • PCTV QuatroStick 521e DVB-T/C (TDA18271+Si2165) (USB 2013:0259)
  • PCTV QuatroStick 522e DVB-T/C (Si2158+Si2165) (USB 2013:025E)

According to a mail, this device also uses Si2165:

  • Terratec Cinergy HTC Stick HD Rev. 2 (SI2165, tuner Si2173 or Si2170) (USB 0ccd:0101)

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