Stk1160 based USB 2.0 video and audio capture devices

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This article covers all the devices which are based on the STK1160 chip

Many but not all of these devices are branded as Easycap.

How to identify your device

When lsusb reports the following output you have an STK1160 based video capture card:

 Bus 001 Device 002: ID 05e1:0408 Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd STK1160 Video Capture Device



eaysycap driver

The easycap driver is part of the current kernel (since 2.6.38) and supports all the features of the STK1160 based devices but has some limitations (framedropping, stability, sound issues).

stk1160 driver

The stk1160 driver is the successor of the easycap driver. It supports video capturing and audio capturing via ALSA. This driver doesn't suffer from the limitations of the easycap driver but is still under development. It is intended that the stk1160 module will replace the easycap module in one of the next kernel releases.

Source code for kernel 3.2: [1]

Installation instructions: [2]


These stk1160 based models of the video capture device are known. All models do have the same device ID 05e1:0408.

  • Model 001 with input cables labelled CVBS, S-VIDEO, AUDIO(L), AUDIO(R) and 48000 Hz audio (AC'97 audio)
  • Model 001m with input cables labelled CVBS, S-VIDEO, AUDIO(L), AUDIO(R) and 8000 Hz audio (microphone audio)
  • Model 002 with 4 yellow input cables labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 and an white unlabelled audio (8000 Hz)

Short linux driver history

In early 2010 Mike Thomas started to develop a driver for the stk1160 based video capture device which is sold as EasyCAP DC60. Since the driver has been added to the kernel release in November 2011 Mike Thomas stopped his development and support of the easycapdriver.