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Sundtek is a German manufacturer/software engineering company which provides USB Touchpanel solutions, and analog and digital TV Products.

Sundtek provides their own, closed source, commercially bundled framework and drivers for DVB and V4L.They state that their solution has support for both the S2-API as well as the Legacy DVBv3 API and Video4Linux1/2, and that they have a very high backward compatibility and provide for very easy installation because of independence from kernel drivers. Their installer currently has support for following Architectures

  • x86-32bit
  • x86-64bit
  • PowerPC32
  • PowerPC64
  • MIPS
  • MIPSel
  • ARM (eabi4)
  • ARM (oabi)

Supported (tested) Settopboxes with DVB/ATSC:

  • Dreambox 800
  • Dreambox 8000
  • Dreambox 500HD
  • WDTV Live
  • Globalscale Sheevaplug
  • Globalscale Guruplug

All Linux Kernels starting from 2.6.15 are supported, due the independence of the Kernel versions the driver only needs to be installed once, kernelupgrades will not affect or require to reinstall the driver.

Apparently they use a user space application to emulate the API that usually is provided by the v4l and dvb framework by using the kernel's USBFS interface.

They also provide a bundled video player with channel scanning ability which supports H264/AAC as well as multiple character sets.

Sundtek claims to adhere to the LinuxDVB, Video4Linux1/2 API Specifications as far as possible.

They also state out that their driver includes a deinterlacing and easy to use on screen display engine for analog Video (Composite/S-video/Analog TV)

The drivers also support bridging/streaming via W-LAN. It's popular for Sheevaplug Plug Computers and allows to use the device on a remote PC as if it would be connected locally.

Multimedia Devices sold by Sundtek
Device Description Supported Vendor's User Forum
Sundtek MediaTV Pro Single USB DVB-C, DVB-T, AnalogTV, Composite, S-Video, FM-Radio Solution yes German English
Sundtek MediaTV Gold (additional Mac support) Single USB DVB-C, DVB-T, AnalogTV, Composite, S-Video, FM-Radio Solution yes German English
Sundtek MediaTV HD ATSC Single USB ATSC/QAM64/QAM256, Analog TV, Composite, S-Video, FM-Radio Solution yes English
Sundtek DualHD ATSC USB Dual ATSC Solution (ATSC/QAM256/QAM) yes (available uppon request)
Sundtek ISDB-T Fullseg Hybrid (Brazil/Japan) USB Analog TV, Composite, S-Video, ISDB-T (support for crypted TS stream for Japan, regulation requirement) yes (available uppon request)
Sundtek DVB-S2 USB DVB-S2 yes (available uppon request, at this time B2B only)
Sundtek MediaTV DVB-T/DAB/FM USB DVB-T, DAB, FM-Radio yes (available uppon request)
Sundtek MediaTV Digitizer USB S-Video/Composite yes German English
Sundtek MediaTV Virtual Demo Driver emulates virtual Analog TV only yes German English

The driver is available as precompiled closed source package, an acceleration module for embedded devices is completely available under opensource license.

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