TBS6905 DVB-S2 Quad Tuner PCIe Card

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TBS6905 PCI-E DVB-S2 Four Tuner TV card is designed to fulfill the needs of watching/recording multiple satellite TV channels on PC simultaneously. It’s the successor of TBS6985. With Single tuner TV card, you’re limited to watch or record one satellite TV channel at one time only. While with this quad tuner TV card, you can watch one channel and record three other channels at the same time. Even more if you want to make full use of the recording power of TBS6905, you may record four whole TS (Transponder Stream), one of which could contains maximum ten, twelve SD or HD TV channels into your PC hard disk, in other words, you will be able to record up to 48 channels with TBS6905 in the same time. This feature contributes a lot especially when you are building up HTPC or IPTV streaming server.

Main Features

  • Quad tuner DVB-S2/S transponders receiving
  • Multi Input Stream support
  • Generic stream mode Support
  • Up to 190 Mbit/s channel bit rate capture
  • Wide range symbol rates support from 1Msps to 45Msps
  • High-speed data download via satellite
  • Unicable/one cable compatible
  • Blindscan
  • High reliability


  • HTPC
  • IPTV streaming server


  • Receiving frequency: 950~2150 MHz tuning range
  • Input level: -69~-23dBm
  • Quad channels DVB-S2/DVB-S 8PSK QPSK 16APSK 32APSK Demodulator
  • Symbol rate:
  • -Maximum symbol DVB-S2 rate limitations (Msymb/s)
  • symb/s Demod LDPC Single Dual
  • QPSK 67.5 135 67.5 67.5
    • 8PQSK 67.5 90 67.5 45
  • 16APSK 67.5 67.5 67.5 33.7
  • 32APSK 67.5 54 54 27


TBS6905-1.jpg TBS6905-2.jpg TBS6905-3.jpg TBS6905-4.jpg

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Company Profile

TBS Technologies is a company which specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of digital TV tuner cards for PC. Main products include PC cards for DVB S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C with single, dual, and quad tuner, CAM CI box for DVB-S2, USB TV Box for DVB-S/S2,DVB-T/T2,DVB-C. Most TV tuner products are Linux driver ready up to the latest kernel.