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* [http://www.tbsdtv.com/english/Download.html TBS Download Center]
* [http://www.tbsdtv.com/english/Download.html TBS Download Center]
The TBS MOI uses [http://buildroot.uclibc.org/ Buildroot], an Embedded Linux distro. [http://www.tbsdtv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=93&t=8260]
===External Links===
===External Links===

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TBS MOI DVB-S2 Streaming TV box is a dual DVB-S2 TV tuner and dual CI slot Linux server for streaming satellite TV channels to the following client end devices within your wired or wireless network: HDTV, PC, tablet PC, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Sony Playstation 3.


  • More TV source -provided by dual DVB-S2 tuner & dual CI
  • More devices - HDTV, PC, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Sony Playstation 3
  • More powerful–based on Linux system
  • More flexible–supported by TVHeadend, XBMC, VLC, DVBLast, mumuDVB, szap, scan etc.

How it works

Connect --->>Configure --->>Watch --->>Stream

  • Connect MOI with satellite signal and the router;
  • Configure the client end like Windows/ Linux/ Android/ iOS
  • Watch/stream the TV channel from MOI



  • Processor: Cortex TM-A8 1GHz.
  • RAM : 512MB DDR2.
  • Storage: 256MB SLC NAND Flash, 1 SD Card slot
  • Ethernet : 10/100M Ethernet
  • USB Ports: High Speed 2.0 USB Host
  • Operating System : Linux
  • Demodulator : DVB-S2/DVB-S QPSK 8/16/32 APSK CCM

Linux Driver and Fireware

The TBS MOI uses Buildroot, an Embedded Linux distro. [1]

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