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  • Improve cards support - more autodetected cards, easy to use.(btw, is there any new hardware unsupported in v4l?) I think now v4l hardware will be slowly withdrawn, so we should not have much problems with support.
  • Get rid of dvb code when it will be merged into kernel. Make users use dvb cvs/kernel dvb code instead of v4l (remove cx88-dvb.c, saa7134-dvb mt352.[ch], or51132.[ch], cx22702.[ch], video-buf-dvb.[ch])
  • Implement alsa support instead of oss for DMA sound.
  • Improve user documentation. It would be nice to have step-by-step description of installation process of saa7134 or cx88 or bttv-based card with translations and small notes for every card we know with links to general installation instructions.
  • Use irc to help users solve their problems. I've sent a request to about registration of v4l group. while we are waiting for answer, we can just join #v4l channel on freenode and discuss problems there.